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Security Systems: Access Control & Intrusion Detection

Access control and intrusion detection may seem similar on the surface, but they function in different ways. When combined, these two strategies create a comprehensive blanket of security that keeps an organization’s valuable assets safe. Access control systems set parameters for authorized access and use, making intrusion detection possible. Access control helps set the baseline of normal activity by establishing rules regarding access and behavior.

When proper use and normal traffic flows are known, it becomes much easier to spot improper use or intruders through either residential or commercial security systems. Intrusion detection helps identify and implement access control. Sometimes, intrusion detection may help spot instances where legitimate access is necessary outside the bounds of what is permitted. Repeated intrusion alerts may be the first sign that access control policies may need to evolve.

Video Security Camera Installation & Video Surveillance

The closed-circuit security camera has come a long way. Indoor and outdoor wired security camera surveillance technology is capable of doing more for operations than ever before. Integrated with access control and intrusion protection systems, surveillance cameras become instrumental in visitor vetting, emergency response, operations, and analytics. The ability to respond instantly to situational needs in nearly any setting is a powerful value differentiator for executives in both small businesses and large enterprises.

Biometric Access Control Systems

In environments that demand a higher level of security and access control, biometric systems provide greater authentication and control over who can access a given premise. As the name implies, biometrics refers to the measurable physical characteristics of an individual, such as face and voice recognition, hand geometry, fingerprints, and eye scanners. These physical attributes provide a deeper level of identification compared to traditional access control methods. In turn, biometrics deliver a highly-effective integration to today’s world of commercial security systems, make it virtually impossible for intruders to replicate.

Wireless Security Systems for Commercial Premises 

Wireless security systems, particularly for commercial applications, help maximize operational efficiency while minimizing the time and costs associated with managing keys and other traditional security protocols. AI-powered wireless surveillance and security systems deliver remote monitoring capabilities as well as advanced communication capabilities that seamlessly integrate and improve infrastructure security operations. Wireless security and access control systems can also provide greater visibility and control across a facility’s premise.

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