Ridgeview Elementary School

Peoria, Illinois

Ridgeview Elementary School

Sound System in Peoria, IL School

Ridgeview Elementary School had an out-of-date and malfunctioning sound system in their school. Thompson Electronics’ team of experts designed a cafeteria and gym audio system by balancing the client’s budget while achieving maximum sound quality, speech intelligibility, functionality, and ease of use for all operators. The equipment for this project was carefully selected and implemented to provide a sound system that benefits all events in the gym and cafeteria.

Gym Speaker System

The basis of the speaker design is centered on Electro-Voice (EV) loudspeakers which have made their reputation for great musical sound quality and clear voice intelligibility.

For floor coverage in the gym, we installed two EV EKX15 speakers as mains with a pair from the ceiling for delay speakers for increased coverage and sound quality for the floor seating. For the bleachers, we installed four EV loudspeakers from the ceiling (finished in black) to directly cover the bleachers with sound. Before this upgrade, there were no bleacher coverage speakers. This is a considerable improvement in the gym for sports practice, speaking engagements, assemblies, and graduation.

These new Electro-Voice speakers have far more output, power handing, pattern control, and increased bass response compared to their previous speaker system. This will enhance the crowd experience with a powerful, clear, punchy sound. A total of eight new speakers make up the gym speaker system for amazing sound and superior coverage. 

School sound system by Thompson Electronics in Peoria, IL

Cafeteria Speaker System

In the cafeteria, we installed three EV speakers to cover the seating area. The new speakers provide a clean voice and music reinforcement solution. The speakers, shown above, are ceiling rigged by certified riggers with proper safety ratios. We also installed new proper gauge speaker cabling for the upgrade.

Stadium audio and sound system at Pekin Community High School
Synchronized digital clock system at Pekin Community High School
Synchronized digital clock system and security cameras at Pekin Community High School
Large monitor install at Pekin Community High School
Our professional team at Thompson Electronics Company designed a multi-room sound system for Ridgeview Elementary School in Peoria, Illinois.

Speaker Amplification

For power, we stepped up the level of performance by adding all-new QSC and Dynacord amplifiers. We installed four amplifiers to power the new speakers with massive headroom to handle music and voice reinforcement with ease. These amplifiers combined with the new speakers and subwoofers allow the system to overcome very high levels of ambient crowd noise with powerful intelligible sound. By replacing the old amplifiers, they now have an abundant amount of clean power for the new speakers.

Processing and Control

Complimenting the arrangement of EV speakers is the BSS Audio BLU-100 advanced audio processor. It offers an infinitely configurable signal routing and processing for precise speaker tuning and preset alignment. We added a permanent rack-mounted touch panel with a lockable cover to control system presets in the gym, as well as assigning the wireless mics to the gym or cafeteria. The touch panel controls the system on/off, audio routing, preset selection, mute, and source-level adjustment.

Wireless Mic Systems and Bluetooth Audio Receivers

We installed an RDL Bluetooth audio plate (with 3.5mm aux and RCA inputs) for each room for connection of Bluetooth devices as well as connecting devices via headphone jack or RCA connections (laptops, phones, etc.). We included the Shure brand of wireless microphones for many reasons, but foremost is the day-after-day reliability, performance, and cost awareness that the BLXR series wireless receivers and handheld products offer. We selected four handheld transmitters and rack-mounted receivers with antenna distribution. These wireless mic systems can be used in either room based on the routing selected on the touch panel. We installed antenna distribution in both the gym and cafeteria for optimum wireless signal strength.

Equipment Rack and Power Sequencing/Surge

We repurposed the school’s equipment rack for this project. It now houses most of the equipment and adds proper power sequencing/surge protection. The system on/off is triggered by the touch panel on the rack.

Installation and Training

For installation, we provided AVIXA certified installers and programmers for this project. The system has been designed by an AVIXA CTS-D certified designer, installed by CTS and CTS-I certified installers, and was programmed by a CTS certified Crestron/QSC programmer. When the project was completed, we provided a training session for all power users of the system.

Thompson Electronics Company takes great pride in our designs and integrations. To maintain our employee’s certifications, we enroll our AV department staff in no less than 24 hours of training per year to maintain their certifications.

Projector and screen video system at Pekin Community High School
Digital video projector at Pekin Community High School