Fire and Life Safety Systems Company

Integrated Life Safety Systems For Complete Protection

As an innovative fire and life safety company, we are a nationally-recognized leader in carbon monoxide & fire detection, security, emergency exit signage, and rescue assistance systems. We are also UL Listed for Smoke & Fire Alarm Inspections and Testing services based in Peoria. The key to our success is our commitment to consistent excellent customer service. Our fire life safety and area of rescue assistance solutions are designed to fit the specific needs of our customers using the most proven technologies.

Fire and Life Safety Alarm Systems Installation

Smoke & Fire Alarms

Commercial fire alarms, interconnected smoke alarms, and control panel systems are constantly evolving. Leverage today’s most advanced smoke and fire detection systems and reduce false alarms while minimizing the time it takes for sensors to detect actual fires. With our integrated life safety systems, you can better detect microscopic smoke particles, sense carbon monoxide, feel heat, learn their environment, and compensate for regular environment changes.

Life Safety Systems Commercial Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

With advanced life safety systems, smart detectors continually monitor the environment for signs of smoke, fire, and the invisible yet deadly gas known as carbon monoxide. For carbon monoxide testing, we provide advanced multi-sensing technology that increases efficiency and effectiveness, saves installation time, cut costs, and extends overall life safety and property protection capabilities. Learn more about our carbon monoxide installation services.

Life Safety Systems Inspection Services in Peoria IL

Life Safety Systems Inspection

As part of our life safety solutions, we provide commercial fire alarm and sprinkler system inspections for many facilities, including businesses and commercial complexes, hospitals and healthcare facilities, governmental agencies and municipalities, and schools, universities, and educational institutions. We employ certified and highly-experienced technicians who provide complete and thorough inspections and testing in accordance with NFPA standards.

Life Safety Systems Repair and Maintenance Company

System Repair & Maintenance

Along with designing and integrating complex and customized fire and life safety systems within your building, we also provide repair, maintenance, inspections, and testing of the solutions we offer. Our team of certified technicians and engineers repair and maintenance capabilities address emergency systems like fire alarms, carbon monoxide detection, door and sprinkler monitoring, smoke and heat detection, as well as voice evacuation and mass notification.

VoIP Master Clock Systems Technology

Synchronized Clock Systems

Synchronized master clock systems can be used as communication systems for audible signaling and tone generation, as in the case of wall-mounted school clock systems. They can also be integrated throughout public transportation facilities to ensure no confusion with departure and arrival schedules. Synchronized master clock systems are common in schools, hospitals, airports, government buildings, manufacturing plants, and other commercial facilities that require clock-to-clock accuracy.

VoIP Provider of Wireless IP PA Systems

Wireless PA Systems

Public address systems, or PA systems, have evolved over the years from providing simple 2-way exchanges within a building or premise to now delivering expansive and remote broadcasted communication. The latest technology of network-attached PA systems use small and distributed amplifiers with IP-based control and voice broadcasting. Our IP-based PA systems are designed to provide easy use, enabling seamless broadcast announcements to any assigned office, branch, or classroom.

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