Commercial Fire Alarm Inspection Company

Fire Inspection Company: Fire Alarm & Sprinkler System Testing Company

Commercial Fire Alarm & Sprinkler System Inspections

Beyond our service as a locally-trusted fire inspection company, we are in the business of making the world a safer place to live, work, and play. The fire alarm systems we support and inspect daily are there to protect both people and property. However, they’re passive systems. This means the systems provide notification only when smoke, carbon monoxide, heat or manual activation is detected. It is important to have your smoke, fire, and sprinkler systems operate properly as critical situations arise. That is why Thompson Electronics Company provides fire alarm testing and suppression system inspection services with the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail. We have to be sure your fire alarm system will operate correctly and it is required that routine inspections happen a minimum of every 12 months, according to NFPA 72 requirements.

Most old alarm dialers won’t function over VoIP or analog gateways because converting analog signals to digital signals interferes with data transmissions, which garbles the signals sent to monitoring stations. Thompson Electronics Company in Peoria has a very cost-effective way to change fire alarm monitoring from phones to IP/Cellular Radio. This allows you to eliminate monthly phone bills!

Full-Service Smoke, Fire & Life Safety Inspections

As a dependable fire inspection company, we also have trained and licensed professionals who provide complete and thorough testing in accordance with NFPA standards; no shortcuts here. We are diligent in ensuring your fire alarm system is always ready to perform at its highest level through timely scheduled building inspections. Contact us today to schedule your annual inspection or update your current system. Thompson Electronics Company is also part of The Compliance Engine.

You will have a greater peace of mind knowing your life safety system has passed a recent inspection by a trained professional. As part of our inspection service, we can include an electronic reporting program that stores your testing reports online for you to access any time you need them.

Routine Fire Inspections & Testing Can Save Your Business Money

Many property insurance providers offer discounts if a business can provide proof of the inspection of a fire alarm system. Also, if a business fire alarm system were to stop working when a fire occurs, the business could be liable for lawsuits due to injuries suffered by employees or customers.