Commercial Security Systems, Alarms & Surveillance

Security Camera & Alarm System Installation

Commercial security systems are often viewed as conventional CCTV surveillance cameras and monitoring equipment. But that’s not the full picture of today’s security camera and alarm systems. With the capabilities offered by TEC of Peoria, customers can equip their facility with the right solutions to meet state and local requirements and building codes. From mass notification systems for emergencies and natural disasters to 24/7/365 alarm monitoring services for specific premises, TEC’s commercial security system solutions extend well beyond what most customers expect. TEC even delivers specialized healthcare solutions like fall detection, door monitoring, and nurse call stations for patient protection.

Commercial Security Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Whether with key cards or biometrics like fingerprints, voice, and facial recognition, access control systems set parameters for authorized access and use, making intrusion detection possible. Whether for select entry points or a property-wide integration, we can install an access control system with your commercial security system and enable associated video images to follow and record movement of personnel and visitors throughout the facility.

Commercial Security Intrusion Alarm Systems Installation

Alarm Systems

Commercial alarm systems play an important function for many different facilities and premises, whether it’s preventing burglary and vandalism or escape attempts at a high-security correctional facility. Alarm systems can be integrated with more comprehensive surveillance and access control systems to provide robust intrusion prevention, immediate response action, and detailed archives. Learn more about our alarm system installation capabilities.

Commercial Biometric Security Systems Integration Company

Biometric Security Systems

As some of the most advanced technologies in the world commercial security systems, biometrics is the authentication by way of measurable physical characteristics such as facial and voice recognition, fingerprints, and hand geometry. These characteristics offer a deeper level of identification than traditional access control and security systems because physical traits are unique to each individual and are difficult, if not impossible, to duplicate.

Commercial Security: Central Station Monitoring Company

Central Station Monitoring

Central station monitoring services provide peace of mind that should an emergency situation arise at your business, facility, or organization, the proper emergency notification is employed and authorities will be notified in a timely manner. Professional central station monitoring services are available for a wide variety of systems, such as fire alarm systems, intrusion systems, elevators, emergency call stations, and video surveillance.

Commercial Security Video Camera Installation Company

Video Surveillance & CCTV

We specialize in commercial video surveillance system design and installation for many different projects and applications, including schools, universities, and educational institutions, hospitals and healthcare facilities, governmental agencies and municipalities, businesses, and commercial complexes. In addition to new implementations, we can optimize your existing network to create a state-of-the-art IP video surveillance solution.

Commercial Wireless Surveillance Systems Installation

Wireless Surveillance Systems

AI-powered wireless security systems provide remote monitoring capabilities as well as vital integrations with communications technologies to help improve intrusion detection, emergency notification, and overall infrastructure security operations. As part of the security systems we provide, we also deliver video management software that supports centralized monitoring of indoor or outdoor premises with remote viewing capabilities from any device.

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