Commercial Access Control Systems

Security Access Control Systems Installation

Building Access Control Systems to Secure Entry Doors

Security access control systems can help you improve the level of physical security surrounding an organization or premise. After our survey and assessments are completed and your perimeters are well defined, the specific points requiring controlled passage into your sensitive areas will be identified. We will design the optimum access control system that will provide personnel identification, secured control of entry into the perimeter, and documentation of staff and visitor movement within your facility. Our goal is to provide access control with the least impact to the day-to-day operation of your business.

As a commercial access control systems company, we will equip you with the tools to easily manage your access list control by helping you determine your employees’ access privileges by specific entry point date, time, or special event. You will also have the ability to generate custom reports using defined search criteria. Employee credentials can include proximity cards, key fobs, identification numbers (PINs), long-range vehicle tags, or even biometric information like fingerprint scanning or voice and facial recognition technology that cannot be duplicated or stolen.

Whether for select doors and entry points or a property-wide integration, we can seamlessly integrate a commercial access control system with your video surveillance system to allow the associated video images to follow and record the secure movement of your personnel and visitors throughout your facility. This integrated recording is a proven and extremely valuable tool for forensic analysis whenever an incident may occur.

Custom Commercial Access Control Security Systems

For commercial security system clients with the demanding applications of mission-critical, high-value or extremely sensitive business operations, we can provide you with a building access control system that includes real-time tracking and recording of employee movement inside a facility with pinpoint accuracy.

Our door access control solutions are state-of-the-art and are designed to provide maximum ROI. We carefully consider ways to utilize the existing infrastructure and match this with the current proven access control security technologies. Our Peoria-based security professionals will customize an access control solution that protects employees, property, and fits within the budget.

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