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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a group of technologies that allows for the transfer of communications over the internet. One of the great advantages of using VoIP technology is that it brings services such as business telephone systems, fax, e-mail, and more into one unified system at a lower cost. Have remote answering capabilities, messages delivered in voice or text formats, and nearly unlimited system expansion capabilities delivered in a system not larger than a single rack server.

At Thompson Electronics Company in Peoria, we deliver a full-spectrum of VoIP business solutions that streamline communications across the organization. From features like voicemail-to-email, secure admin management, and remote IP phone support for home offices and remote employees, businesses can take advantage of comprehensive VoIP solutions that check the boxes on many requirements of today’s business communications.

Business VoIP Providers: VoIP Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems

Whether you operate an expansive enterprise with several departments or an online business with remote teams, having the proper business phone systems in place is vital for unified communications. Today’s business VoIP phone systems have become integral for all types of organizations, even for small businesses. Not only can we help you pinpoint the right IP phone system to meet your unique requirements, but we also provide the capabilities to instantly handoff active calls to and from your mobile device.

Business VoIP Intercom Systems Installation

IP Intercom Systems

IP intercoms systems allow users to communicate to a specific room, or any location you have a network connection. And now, it’s easier than ever to install an enterprise or campus-wide intercom system using an existing Ethernet network. With indoor and outdoor options available, intercom systems offer more than just a communication system for classrooms and office settings. IP intercom systems can be integrated with built-in cameras, allowing control of entryway access from your smartphone. 

VoIP Business Solutions: IP Paging Systems

IP Paging Systems

IP paging systems are a set of audio devices that convert audio to digital signals that are connected to the main network. The system can also be equipped with paging software that’s beneficial for managing and controlling the audio. Unlike old paging systems from decades ago, one of the most helpful features of today’s IP paging systems is the capabilities to make automated announcements. Users can make a pre-recorded page with the push of a button, or automatically and instantly notify recipients about a weather alert or emergency.

Enterprise VoIP Solutions for Nurse Call Stations

Nurse Call Stations

As a specialized VoIP service for hospitals, assisted living facilities, and senior care centers, nurse call systems provide essential communication between patients and care providers. Our nurse call systems support reliable communication that combines 2-way messaging, emergency call, and wander management capabilities in a single platform. Combined with resident monitoring, these nurse call systems also provide active or passive check-in options as well as resident profiles to enable personalized care responses. 

VoIP Master Clock Systems Technology

Synchronized Clock Systems

Synchronized master clock systems can be used as communication systems for audible signaling and tone generation, as in the case of wall-mounted school clock systems. They can also be integrated throughout public transportation facilities to ensure no confusion with departure and arrival schedules. A master clock system typically requires less maintenance and servicing compared to operating a series of standalone clocks, and are common in schools, hospitals, airports, governmental agency buildings, manufacturing plants, and other commercial facilities that require clock-to-clock accuracy.

VoIP Provider of Wireless IP PA Systems

Wireless PA Systems

Public address systems, or PA systems, have evolved over the years from providing simple 2-way exchanges within a building or premise to now delivering expansive and remote broadcasted communication. Gone are the days of installing a classic paging system that uses large central amplifiers and analog systems for public address. The latest technology of network-attached PA systems use small and distributed amplifiers with IP-based control and simple voice broadcasting. Our IP-based PA systems are designed to provide easy use, enabling seamless broadcast announcements to any assigned office, branch, or classroom.

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