River Crossing of East Peoria

East Peoria, Illinois

Nursing Home Communications Systems Installation

River Crossing of East Peoria (formerly Rosewood Care Center) was innovative in its original design by incorporating integrated electronics systems when it was built. Thompson Electronics Company designed and installed a Dukane nurse call system, Cornell door alarm system, along with fire alarm, telephone system cabling and termination, and an MATV system.

The facility expanded to offer increased care options and space for the residents. We provided extensions and interfaces between all of the systems that we previously installed, as well as new systems to serve the additional resident spaces.

The Dukane ProCare 2000 nurse call system was installed in the new portion of the building. The ProCare 2000 nurse call system is a direct select call system that provides easy annunciation of calls in an illuminated button field at the master station. Answering a call is as simple as pressing the button next to the illuminated room indicator. Voice communication between the master station and each room station is clear and easily understood. Staff members appreciate the simplicity of operation.

ProCare Healthcare Communications

Each resident room is equipped with a wall-mounted station. The station contains the intercom speaker/microphone combination that provides a clear voice path for resident and staff communication. Room stations have an input that accepts a standard 6’ or 12’ push-button call cord. The facility may substitute air call or other types of call initiation devices that may be plugged into the standard ¼” station jack. The surfaces of the stations are constructed of durable Cyrolac plastic that is easily cleaned.

Lavatories and showers are equipped with pull string emergency call devices that call in at a high priority level at the master station. The flash and tone rate of these types of calls is faster than a normal patient call. Calls from these stations may only be canceled at the station where the call was placed.

All doors in the new area report to a Cornell door alarm panel. The status of all doors in the wing as well as the alarm status of the alarm panel in the older portion of the building are displayed on an annunciator panel. This panel also includes the fire alarm system remote annunciator. This area is a complete information area for the nursing staff.