RLI Corporation

Peoria, Illinois

Business Training Room Audio/Video Installation

Thompson Electronics Company worked with RLI Corporation in Peoria, IL, to enhance the audio/video for their training room. We were contracted to take an existing room, update it, and add capabilities for high-quality training and webcasting. The training room enhancements include:

  • New Vaddio advanced camera tracking system to integrate into the current webcasting (RLI supplied), software PC and monitors with new operator’s desk location (RLI supplied), large touchscreen and installation/programming
  • Upgraded switcher to larger capacity unit and reprogrammed Crestron system (original integrator’s code was very confusing and difficult to navigate)
  • Install a step mat for camera preset recalling to podium zoom shot without the need for a lanyard
  • Vaddio Auto-presenter processor to interface the 2-preset pod located at the operator’s location

Business A/V System Solutions

The base of the camera tracking system is the Vaddio Auto-Track 2.0. This system is comprised of two cameras. One is a fully HD PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera designated for high-quality image pickup, and the other camera is outfitted with an IR filter and is designed to track the presenter wearing a lanyard. The system works by an IR emitting lanyard and an IR tracking camera. As the instructor moves about the room, the camera tracks the IR emitting lanyard.

The system also has a 2-button pod that was mounted on the operator’s desk. This pod will trigger a preset (3 total) when the button is pressed so that camera will pan, tilt and zoom to the predetermined shot. If for any reason the camera loses the IR signal, there is a re-scan button on the POD to search for the IR signal.

While creating an operation station in the back of the room, we provided all of the housing requirements for the desk allowing RLI to communicate this information with their furniture manufacturer to match and maintain the overall look and feel of the room. Near the desk is a large 10.1″ Crestron control wall panel that controls microphone levels, audio/video mute, video routing and system power. The desk also houses the USB 3.0 equipped rackmount PC with monitor, the HDMI/audio-to-USB 3.0 converter, LCD preview monitor, and the camera tracking processor with UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to protect it from outages.

With this system, we included one head-worn microphone and one Revolabs wireless transmitter. We also included a backup tracking lanyard and Vaddio mic receivers so that the lanyard mics will work when activated.

In order to handle all of the routing, the existing audio/video switcher was upgraded to a larger 8×8 Crestron switcher outfitted with the appropriate cards with available slots for future additions. We also installed a new control system processor and reprogrammed the Crestron code from scratch for a more intuitive interface than the program commissioned by the original integrator.