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Commercial Fire Alarm & Smoke Detection Systems

Most people don’t think about smoke alarms, fire detection systems, or fire protection when they enter a building, they just assume they’re safe and protected. However, buildings don’t just happen to be inherently safe. Years of study and diligent work have been dedicated by expert committees who update evolving building codes due to changes in construction materials and practices.

Fire Alarm Systems: Protect Your Business & Your People

Commercial fire alarm systems, interconnected smoke alarms, and control panels are evolving too. New state of the art fire alarm designs and technologies have a huge impact on life safety. The original fire alarm systems were very basic using pull boxes, bells, and heat detectors; they had no ability to sense smoke nor work once the power went out. All fire alarm systems manufactured today have to pass stringent third party laboratory tests (typically Underwriters Laboratories) to meet minimum standards.

Recent technology advances to fire alarm systems include multi-criteria sensing smoke detectors, individual smoke detector sensitivity adjustment, drift compensation, and maintenance indicators. Such features reduce nuisance alarms and, at the same time, shorten the time it takes sensors to detect actual fires. They can detect microscopic smoke particles, sense carbon monoxide, feel heat, learn their environment and compensate for regular environment changes. All of this is constantly monitored in the background, and it protects lives by activating audio visual alerts, live and recorded voice evacuation messaging, controlling fans, integrating with elevators and contacting the fire department when necessary. We also install design and install two-way radio communication systems in areas of refuge within the building, as well as evacuation signage to help guide people outside to safety.

The use of these so-called “smart systems” is being extended to commercial buildings of all sizes as smoke and fire alarm installation professionals come to understand the benefits they can provide in small, midsize and large buildings.

Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

Providing a greater level of protection, our Central Station Monitoring services have the highest UL certifications for central stations. Our Peoria and Naperville team of professional operators is trained to detect incoming smoke and fire alarm signals and to notify the appropriate authorities needed for response. Multiple notifications are provided based on customer preferences and decision-making policies. Our commercial fire alarm monitoring services include the ability for immediate access to critical information.

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