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Integrated Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Integrated smoke and carbon monoxide detectors bring advanced multi-sensing technology to practical designs that increase efficiency, save installation time, cut costs, and extend life safety and property protection capabilities. Continuous self-diagnostics ensure reliability over the long-haul and environmental compensation helps reduce maintenance costs. Multi-sensor technology provides efficient identification of smoldering fires, as well as fast flaming fires.

With the added element of carbon monoxide monitoring, smart detectors continually monitor the environment for signs of smoke and fire — as well as its invisible yet deadly companion, carbon monoxide. Commercial carbon monoxide detectors gather analog information from its sensing elements and convert this data into digital signals. Digital filters remove signal patterns that are not typical of fires, thus virtually eliminating unwanted alarms. Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors also analyze the heat sensor independently from the carbon monoxide sensor to determine whether to initiate a fire alarm, a life safety carbon monoxide alarm, or both.

Testing & Inspection of Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Scheduled maintenance (regular or selected) for proper detector operation should be planned to meet the requirements of the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). You will have a greater peace of mind knowing your life safety system will work when you need it. As part of our smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide alarm inspection service, our Peoria-based team can include an electronic reporting program that stores your carbon monoxide detector testing reports online for you to access any time you need them.

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