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Synchronized Clocks with Master Clock System Installation

Stay On Time with Synchronized Clock Systems

Used across many different settings and applications, synchronized clocks are designed to keep people on schedule and in sync. Master clock systems can be used as communication systems for audible signaling and tone generation, as in the case of wall-mounted school clock systems. They can also be integrated throughout public transportation facilities to ensure no confusion with departure and arrival schedules.

Master clock systems function a bit differently than traditional wall clocks. In short, the master clock provides signals to other synchronized clocks as part of a complete network, maintaining an accurate and consistent timing system throughout the premise. A synchronized master clock system typically requires less maintenance and servicing compared to operating a series of standalone clocks.

Synchronized clock systems are common in educational institutions, hospitals, airports, governmental agencies, manufacturing plants, and other commercial facilities that require clock-to-clock accuracy. While there are both wired and wireless options available, the latter IP-based options are becoming increasingly preferred for their ease of management and installation.

IP-Based Wireless Master Clock Systems

With wireless master clock systems, an IP-based network is used to send and receive a wireless signal to each associated clock, enabling it to communicate data along with the entire system. With this wireless capability, there are virtually no limitations to the number of clocks that can be installed and integrated into the master clock system. This is particularly useful for high-rise buildings, multi-wing facilities, and sprawling campuses.

As for creating schedules and initiating bells, a fully functional online interface allows users to program the system from any internet connection. Each master clock can be equipped with various optional features, including a wireless transmitter and GPS.

Automated Synchronized Clocks Save Time

Depending on the size of the network, adjusting each clock for Daylight Savings changes would be a time-consuming task. With automated synchronized clocks, the need to adjust each clock by hand is eliminated, as the clocks will automatically update themselves. This convenient feature is not only a time-saver, but it can also save money in ongoing maintenance costs over the life of the system.

With most IP clock systems, users are able to receive automatic email alerts when specific changes have occurred or if communication with the accurate time source has been lost. This advanced feature enables users to efficiently monitor the status of the master clock.

At Thompson Electronics Company in Peoria, we can help pinpoint and install a master clock system that aligns with your operational needs. We work with schools, healthcare facilities, municipalities, governmental agencies, and other organizations that require accurate, consistent, and hassle-free clock systems.

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