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School sound system done by Thompson Electronics in Peoria, IL

Commercial Sound System Design & Installation

Commercial sound systems come in all shapes and sizes, from acoustical and surround sound for an audience in a stadium or theater, to sound reinforcement for a small classroom. Having the right sound system equipment installed for the right environment makes all the difference in the world.

At Thompson Electronics Company, we’re a professional sound system installation company based in Peoria that can help provide proper sound reinforcement in various types of venues including churches, concert halls, sports stadiums, school buildings, and more. We will help you provide visitors and performers with the ultimate professional sound system solution.

Training, design engineering, and sophisticated equipment enables our team to design and install the perfect sound system for your precise needs.

Audio Installation Done Right: Intelligibility & Musicality

Speech intelligibility is critical when speaking to an audience of any size. The better your message is heard, the better your message is retained. A professionally installed, high-quality commercial sound system also enhances your performance space and makes for a memorable listener experience. On top of it all, you’ll get full-fledged support and service from Thompson Electronics Company.

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