Sound Masking Systems

Sound masking can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve privacy, reduce distractions, and enhance productivity in open-plan office environments, healthcare facilities, financial institutions, and more.

Any Type of Business Can Benefit

Sound masking in a business context involves the strategic use of background noise to reduce the intelligibility of speech and thereby enhance privacy and decrease distractions in a workspace. It’s particularly useful in open-plan offices where conversations and other noises can easily travel, leading to reduced productivity and increased stress among employees.

Sound Masking In Your Environment

Discovering Your Needs

A Thompson Electronics audiovisual professional will complete an on-site assessment of your sound masking and noise reduction needs. This assessment will give our experts specific insight on where to place and how to best provide privacy in your workplace.


This involves placing speakers strategically throughout the space, typically in the ceiling. These speakers emit a low-level, unobtrusive background noise.

Adjustment of Frequency & Volume

The sound masking system is tuned to produce a consistent background noise that’s designed to match the frequencies of human speech. This helps to make speech less intelligible without being overly disruptive.

Sound Masking Can Improve Workplace Culture

Sound masking systems offer numerous benefits for businesses, including improved privacy, reduced distractions, enhanced comfort, better communication, and compliance with regulatory requirements. These benefits contribute to a more productive, efficient, and harmonious work environment.

Increased Privacy

Sound masking helps to obscure speech intelligibility, making it more difficult for conversations to be overheard. This is particularly important in environments where confidentiality is essential, such as healthcare facilities, legal offices, or financial institutions.

Reduced Distractions

By masking or covering up background noise, sound masking systems help to minimize distractions in the workplace. This can improve concentration and focus among employees, leading to higher productivity levels.

Improved Speech Privacy

Sound masking reduces the distance over which conversations can be heard, enhancing speech privacy in open-plan offices and other shared spaces. This creates a more comfortable environment for employees and reduces the likelihood of sensitive information being inadvertently overheard.

Enhanced Comfort

Excessive noise in the workplace can lead to stress, fatigue, and discomfort among employees. Sound masking systems create a more comfortable acoustic environment by reducing the impact of HVAC noise, footsteps, typing, and other background sounds.

Better Communication

Sound masking can improve communication in open-concept offices or large workspaces by minimizing the disruption caused by ambient noise. This can facilitate employee collaboration and teamwork, leading to better overall performance.


Sound masking systems can be customized to meet the specific needs of different environments. They can be adjusted based on factors such as room layout, occupancy levels, and individual preferences, providing flexibility to accommodate changing needs over time.

Cost Effective Solution

Compared to other methods of noise control, such as installing additional walls or soundproofing materials, sound masking is often a more cost-effective solution. It requires minimal construction work and can be installed relatively quickly with minimal disruption to daily operations.

Sound Masking Can Be Essential For Compliance

Some industries have regulations or standards related to speech privacy and noise control. Implementing a sound masking system can help businesses comply with these requirements, avoiding potential fines or legal issues.

  • Healthcare – protecting HIPPA information
  • Education – protecting FERPA information
  • Financial Institutions
  • Call Centers
  • Open and semi-open office spaces


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