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Mass Notification Systems: Spread Emergency News Quickly When It Matters Most

When an emergency such as severe weather, mass shooting, or other hazardous event occurs, what do you do to alert others? It is essential that situational awareness, communication, and control be established quickly. An emergency mass notification system is needed to communicate with everyone in potential danger. Mass notification can be accomplished in many forms; it can be loud voice speakers; visuals display message boards; strobe light devices and even text (SMS) messages; email and phone alerts, just to name a few. A concerted effort through emergency mass notification can be the best method to alert everyone in the danger zone.

Careful planning and a mass notification strategy minimizes the risks and allows for a successful life safety outcome. Mass notification systems are modular and can be customized to accommodate any budget. Emergency voice speaker systems allow users to pre-record customized voice messages and tones that can be activated simply by pushing a button or tapping a screen. This minimizes human errors made during chaotic events. Multi-colored strobe lights can reinforce the voice messages and can be easily added. LED visual display boards with pre-scripted messages assist those with hearing impairments to be informed as well.

Multi-Channel Emergency Mass Notification System

Today most people have a smartphone, tablet or laptop. These devices are a good way to communicate an impending hazardous event. Some subscription-based mass notification and disaster communication systems require paying up front and pre-registering phone numbers. However, an on premises software platform, cloud based or hybrid system that is scalable for large and small deployments is much more effective.

A mass notification system that alerts over any layer including SMS, MMS, email, desktop, laptop, tablets, smartphones, pop-up, VoIP, call outs, fax, paging, social media, RSS feeds, overheads and message boards; all simultaneously notified. A system that can monitor regional weather, NAADS or NOAA and relays CAP alerts. How about a system that can do all of this as well as monitor mobile and desktop panic apps? Our emergency communication system company can provide the perfect solution for your mass notification requirements.

Real-Time Mass Notifications for Emergencies & Disasters in Peoria and Throughout Central Illinois

Through concise, timely and event-specific voice and visual messages, solutions provide real-time information to people in a building, site, or geographic location, communicating what to do in response to the threat. Thompson Electronics Company is helping emergency managers protect, alert, and inform their most critical resources – their people.

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