Bradley Hall

Bradley University – Peoria, Illinois

Campus Life Safety and Emergency System Installation

Bradley’s 85-acre campus is located on Peoria’s west bluff and is minutes from the city’s downtown. The campus of Bradley University is relatively compact. There are few places on campus that cannot be reached from any other part of campus in less than ten minutes on foot. Bradley’s student housing is concentrated on the campus’s east side, and the residence halls include College, Geisert, Harper, Heitz, University, Williams, and Wyckoff Halls. There is also a complex of singles dormitories and two university-owned apartment complexes: St. James Apartments and the Student Apartment Complex.

Fire Alarm / Mass Notification, Area of Refuge Rescue Assistance System

The system installed here is part of the overall Edwards EST3-60 Fire Alarm / Mass Notification System throughout the campus. We are utilizing an existing fiber optic backbone to communicate via IP switches and VOIP for all emergency communications. It has Fireworks Graphical User Display (GUI), EST3 with voice, Signature Series, and Genesis Signals. It has speakers throughout the campus to direct students and staff during an emergency such as smoke and fire alarm, severe weather, intruder threat, hazardous disasters, and mass notification.

The Area of Rescue Assistance System installed here is a Cornell 4200 Series. This system allows occupants with special needs to notify emergency personnel via audible and visual notification. Once answered, the occupant can communicate directly with the emergency personnel notifying the need for assistance in evacuation.

We have integrated AV systems for Bradley University in many of their facilities including:

  • Shea Stadium and Bradley Soccer meeting facility
  • O’Brien Field Bradley Baseball locker room
  • Carver Arena Bradley Basketball locker room
  • Bradley Women’s Softball field
  • Bradley Renaissance Coliseum
  • Fire Alarm / Mass Notification
  • Area of Refuge Rescue Assistance Systems
  • A/V systems