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Communications & Paging Systems for Hospitals

A hospital overhead paging system unifies your workforce – even when they are not in the same place. Deliver time-critical messages to your co-workers or send a call for help if you are threatened or injured – all from easy-to-use portable devices. When you work in healthcare your business communications function more effectively when the right information gets into the right hands at the right time.

Seldom is the healthcare workplace confined to a four-walled room. Workers need to move freely to complete their tasks, but they also need to stay connected and stay updated by centralized monitoring of hospital patients. Advanced messaging and paging systems have a wide service range that lets all of your important messages get through, both near and far. Send messages to one or multiple workers simultaneously and know that each message reaches its target.

Hospital Call Light Systems

With Thompson Electronics Company in Peoria, nurse call solutions are designed to integrate, orchestrate, and enable digital clinical information and workflows between systems, people, and devices at virtually any point of care. Representing applications, services, devices, and smartphones, our hospital and nurse call stations enable seamless access, sharing, and tracking of information across clinical teams.

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