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Dependable Alarm Monitoring Services Provide Peace of Mind

It’s one thing to have professional-grade fire alarms or a comprehensive surveillance system watching over the facility. But in most cases, that’s only one part of the equation. Surveillance oversight and alarm monitoring services are critical functions that ensure timely action is taken when such systems are enabled.

Ranging from carbon monoxide, smoke, and fire alarm monitoring to surveillance systems and door access control monitoring, professional oversight is an important part of protecting a facility’s occupants. In the instance of a security threat, prompting authorities in a timely fashion is absolutely vital. Similarly, notifying local fire departments of a triggered smoke alarm can result in lives saved and damage prevented.

It doesn’t matter if the application is for a hospital, school, shopping center, or government agency. At Thompon Electronics Company in Peoria, we deliver dependable alarm monitoring services that provide our customers with optimal protection and peace of mind.

Advanced Security Alarm Monitoring & Tracking

Data capture and reporting provides timely evidence to support unit initiatives, call response goals, and resource needs. With our surveillance and security monitoring systems, you can author custom reports to access important data points and metrics allowing you to:

  • Provide managers with data to support performance improvement initiatives
  • Track response times to patient and client requests, and measure deviations from standards
  • Automatically deliver reports to designated recipients
  • Support organizational decision-making with evidence-based metrics
  • Provide residents and patients with an extra layer of protection and assure staff and families that those they care for are where they should be.

In the case of healthcare and assisted living facilities, our security monitoring systems work as simple as locking the doors when a protected resident approaches. The opposite end of the spectrum provides fully developed systems that allow for real-time resident tracking within the protected environment. Unlike some security alarm monitoring companies that provide cookie-cutter solutions, all of the security alarm monitoring systems and services that we provide are the result of a collaborative design process that assures that facilities receive the right surveillance system to meet the needs of their care environment.

Alarm Monitoring Services that Enable Caregivers

Thompson Electronics Company designs and installs wireless technologies providing caregivers with information any time and anywhere allowing them to focus on current activities. Caregivers know when residents require assistance and where to provide it, indoors or on campus. Resident calls are quickly routed to their caregiver and automatically escalated. Resident profiles can be customized ensuring the right level of attention is associated with an alert. Our commercial surveillance, security, and fire alarm monitoring systems provide caregivers with the extra assurance they need to know when and where to provide care.

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