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Wireless WiFi Security Camera System Installation

Critical infrastructure protection often faces unique challenges when it comes to commercial security systems; the fact that many of these indoor and outdoor sites are expansive, accessible to the public, and located remotely from security officers poses inherent risks. To address these challenges, our AI-powered wireless security camera systems offer remote monitoring capabilities and integrations with critical communications technologies to help seamlessly improve infrastructure security operations.

Thompson Electronics Company in Peoria can provide you with video management software that supports centralized monitoring of indoor or outdoor sites with remote viewing capabilities from any device. Now you can monitor live and recorded video over wireless IP networks from the convenience of your Apple or Android mobile device, whether you are at the office or on the go. Our wireless video security camera systems provide businesses with actionable information wherever a WiFi connection is available, thereby facilitating quick communication and support proactive event response.

Wireless Surveillance & Access Control Systems

Wireless surveillance and access control systems for businesses and commercial properties reduce the time and costs associated with managing keys due to frequent turnover and increase efficiency by enabling updates to occur from virtually anywhere. Wireless access control also enhances security with more visibility and control increases satisfaction by enabling convenient smart or mobile credential use and integrates seamlessly into some existing systems.

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