Hopedale Medical Complex

Hopedale, Illinois

Medical Facility Video Surveillance System

Thompson Electronics Company was very fortunate to win the competitive bid for the Hopedale Medical Complex video surveillance system. The Hopedale Medical Complex occupies professional medical service facilities in Hopedale, Illinois.

The design challenge of this project was to provide security, safety, liability protection, and service quality management for all healthcare departments, surface parking areas and the complex grounds. The Owner required a complete turn-key proposal including all electrical contractor raceway, 120 VAC power circuiting, standardize General Cable GenSpeed 6 Category 6 cabling and complete video surveillance system components. The Thompson Electronics Company IP-Based video surveillance system solution consisted of 34 AXIS Communications 5MP exterior High Definition bullet cameras for monitoring the parking areas and general campus grounds. The internal medical building video surveillance utilizes 140 HIKVision 3MP High Definition vandal-proof recessed ceiling dome cameras. Critical exterior cameras located on the sealed flat-roof membranes were installed with custom Baird floating ballasted parapet camera mount assemblies.

The video surveillance system camera data is transmitted on the Hopedale Medical Complex 10GB Wide Area Network (WAN) through CISCO Level 3 managed PoE data switches. Video data is recorded and managed on a single Video Insight DELL Network Video Recorder (NVR) with 51TB of RAID-5 storage.

To solve the challenge of monitoring remote buildings without network connectivity, Thompson Electronics Company utilized KBC wireless video transmission equipment to broadcast video signals back to the Hopedale Medical Complex main data center.