American Red Cross

Peoria, Illinois

Cloud-Based Access Control System Installation

Thompson Electronics Company was challenged to protect the precious lifesaving resources and assets of the America Red Cross – Central Illinois Blood Donation Center located in Peoria, Illinois. The Director of Security at the American Red Cross also required that the access control solution be immediately accessible to their corporate security staff for alarm notification, access control system programming modifications, report generation, and system audit analysis from anywhere which dramatically increased the complexity of the project.

  • The design elements of the project added even more difficulty.
  • The existing system was almost twenty years old and was rapidly failing.
  • The existing system must be removed surgically to not take down more than one (1) controlled opening at a time making the system retro-fit virtually transparent to the users.
  • The new system must be 100% operational with the existing access control system proximity card credentials.
  • The system involved 28 access control system openings including perimeter security doors, interior circulation portals, blood product asset storage, nuclear material containment, and vehicle gate control.

Thompson Electronics Company used Brivo as a “Cloud-Based” access control system solution. The Brivo access control “Cloud” service is provided by redundant data centers built with the highest Tier 4 data center design standards that offer 99.9% operation. The Brivo solution is also uniquely designed with the highest level of security certification communication exchange that offers 2-way access control system data transfer from a single outbound port with no way for inbound hacker access The Brivo high security “Cloud-Based” solution is accessible to all authorized personnel wirelessly from anywhere in the world.