Continental Carbonic

Decatur and Pekin, Illinois

Commercial Video Surveillance System

Employees at Continental Carbonic work three different shifts, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week at the Pekin facility. Management had a need to monitor production, inventory, and employee safety with little impact on day-to-day operations. Continental Carbonic headquarters in Decatur, IL requested to monitor security information from their location. We offered round-the-clock digital video surveillance of four key areas that could be viewed in Decatur. (85 miles away)

The new digital video technology provides efficient security monitoring using the virtual manager. Traditional Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) requires the security staff of the business to routinely change, mail, archive, and review videotape cassettes to capture important recorded images.

Virtual Manager

The potential value of this product is best described by its brand name “Virtual Manager” for producing valuable video information with so little time or effort involved to record, review, and store important events.

System Solution

The solution proposed was to install a Remote Digital Video Recorder. This break-through
security product eliminates the need for VCRs, multiplexers, and videotapes. Discreetly mounted in a secure enclosure, a “black box” stores images from all cameras onto a computer hard drive for retrieval by the client using any online PC location equipped with special software and password protection.

This video information is stored on a first in/last out method to provide days or weeks (depending on the size of the hard drive) of recorded images without the need for operator input of any kind.

When the event is recorded, the captured images can easily be recalled by a specific date, time, and camera from virtually anywhere. After reviewing these digital images they can be stored on disk or hard drive with no fear of resolution loss associated with dubbing or playing videotapes