Henry County Jail and Courthouse

Cambridge, Illinois

Jail System Sound, Security, and Fire Alarm Installation

Thompson Electronics Company worked with Henry County Jail & Courthouse in Cambridge, IL, to provide a fire alarm and detection system, sound system, and security solutions. Henry County Courthouse is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Increasing the size of the facility while incorporating and preserving the older portions of the building were the main goals for the recent renovation.

EST 2 Smoke and Fire Alarm System

After interpreting the complicated sequence of operation table provided by the electrical engineer, a compact but sophisticated EST 2 system was selected for its ease of installation, fan and damper control (which integrated with the fire alarm detection system without any additional expense of a separate system), and easy retrofit capabilities without intrusive conduit penetration.

This fire alarm detection system is an analog/addressable system. It provides specific location descriptions for each individual device. This allows authorities to respond quickly, determine the location of the fire, and save lives. The compact control panel is located below the jail control center. The information displayed can also be read on a smaller remote annunciator.

The EST 2 fire alarm control panel combines all of the elements of a full-featured smoke control system as well as a smoke detection system. The system detects smoke throughout the facility and upon alarm takes control of fans and dampers within building zones to remove smoke under critical conditions.

Thompson Electronics Company also provided the courtroom sound and security system for this project. The security system includes CCTV video surveillance, access control, and intercoms.