Black Hawk College

Moline and Kewanee, Illinois

 College Campus Life Safety System Installation

Black Hawk College is a community college with campuses located in Moline and Kewanee, Illinois. Founded in 1946 as Moline Community College, it became Black Hawk College in 1961. Black Hawk College offers more than 150 arts and sciences college transfer and career training programs. The college annually enrolls over 8,300 college credit students, 3,000 Adult Basic Education students, and 6,000 Continuing Education/Vocational Training students. It offers dual enrollment to high school students seeking an early start on their college education.

Emergency Systems – Fire Alarm / Mass Notification, LED Display Alerting System

The system installed here is part of the overall Edwards EST3-60 Fire Alarm / Mass Notification System throughout the campus. We are utilizing an existing fiber optic backbone to communicate via IP switches and VOIP for all emergency communications. It has Fireworks Graphical User Display (GUI), EST3 with voice, Signature Series, and Genesis Signals. It has speakers throughout the campus to direct students and staff during an emergency such as Fire Alarm, Severe Weather, Intruder Threat, and Hazardous Disaster.

The emergency alarm system installed is integrated to the Edwards EST3-60 Fire Alarm/Mass Notification System. This system will notify emergency personnel via an audible and visual notification on a Fireworks Graphical User Interface of an impending emergency.

The LED Display Alerting System is integrated to the campus’ entire life safety system to act as one simultaneous alerting system. Each LED display is strategically placed to notify the students, staff, and visitors on the campus of the impending emergency.

  • Fire Alarm / Mass Notification
  • LED Display Alert System
  • Panic / Emergency Alarm System