Production Video Systems

AV production video systems for schools, churches and auditoriums

Production Video System Equipment Solutions

With a studio recording system for your audio/video content, you will not only save significantly on storage space, but you will save on time as well with instant access and the ability to search through and share archived data faster. Our recording studio equipment can also backup your information through a cloud service, making the data accessible wherever you are on the go.

Whether for a classroom, a boardroom, a podcast, or even a courthouse, let Thompson Electronics Company of Peoria design a high-quality voice and audio recording system to suit your needs. With our professional studio equipment capabilities, easily capture, manage, archive, share, or streamaudio and video for public or restricted access.

Collaborate, Educate & Worship with Video Equipment

In addition to inclement weather, incompatible schedules, and wide geographical differences, we now face mandatory lockdowns making it impossible for in-person meetings, classes, and religious services. A professionally installed live streaming system allows businesses to meet, educators to teach, and congregations to pray – together. And with studio recording equipment solutions these events can now be shared with audiences who were unable to attend them.

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