Salem Evangelical Church of Christ

Quincy, Illinois

Place of Worship Video Presentation System Installation

Thompson Electronics Company worked with Salem Evangelical Church of Christ in Quincy, IL for upgrades to their current audio system, and to add video capabilities. A few of the needs for the project were:

  • The need for a user-friendly audio/visual upgrade to the sanctuary
  • Add an HD camera and recording system
  • The need for a video presentation system that didn’t take away from the church’s aesthetics
  • Options to expand based on the church’s growth
salem evangelical church of christ

Comprehensive Audio/Video System Upgrade

A/V Headend with Crestron Digital Media Switcher Control Panel

This unit is in charge of all of the video switching, routing, and video processing. We added an input transmitter at the front of the church for a laptop. It provides a nice quality presentation with fast transitions and excellent image quality. The scaling is also very good to make every image and video look its very best. The system is controlled with a small 7” wired touch panel.

Dual 90” Sharp LED Monitors

Based on requests from the church, we included dual 90” Sharp flat-panel LED monitors. These were mounted near the front balcony of the choir loft.

Audio Mixer

We designed a completely new audio system headend that incorporates the latest in digital signal and audio mixing technology. We decided to use a 16-channel Yamaha digital console. We also installed a monitor speaker to help mix from the church’s cry room location.

Digital Signal Processing

We replaced the existing Peavey media matrix system with a new BSS Audio London digital signal processing system. This system is based on the robust BSS London platform and uses its own proprietary digital audio buss for audio transfer. BSS London processors have been used in mission-critical applications for the military, federal, and state court systems because of their exceptional reliability. These processors are responsible for all of the audio signal processing required to route and manage the numerous sources and destinations.

Microphone Systems

With regards to the audio system, we replaced the 3 current Gooseneck microphones with new Audio Technica Uni-line microphones. We added another 3 Shure wireless systems with head-worn Countrymans to match the units the church already owns. In order to support the increased number of wireless systems, we implemented a wireless antenna distribution system. We also added a CD player with an iPod dock.

Power Amplifiers

We replaced all of the existing amplifiers with new amplifiers and reused the existing JBL speakers for the audio reinforcement system based on budget.

Lockable Roll-top Desk

We provided a furniture-grade roll-top desk to house all of the audio/video equipment safely and securely in a rack while maintaining a clean aesthetic appearance with a high-end finish.