Advanced Technology Services

Peoria, Illinois

Commercial Audio/Video System Installation

Thompson Electronics Company worked with Advanced Technology Services in Peoria, IL for upgrades to their audio/video system. Some of the needs discussed during our meetings include:

  • PTZ 1080p HD cameras (the latest iterations) x 2
  • HD 1080p tripod-mounted professional portable camera x 1
  • Professional camera system controller with touchscreen preview monitor/presets
  • Touch panel audio/video system control
  • Upgraded audio system to allow for automatic/manual audio settings
  • Custom roll-top desk system with equipment rack
  • New audio mixer
  • New amplifier
  • New fixed projection screen
  • New projector

Complete A/V System Installation

Main Training Room Audio/Video System Upgrades

We included two newly released Vaddio RoboShot 30 CCU 1080p/60 pan-tilt-zoom cameras with 30x optical zoom, tri-synchronous motion (pan-tilt-zoom simultaneously for very professional shots) and advanced Sony CMOS optics. These were mounted with one camera in the front of the room and the other in the back. These cameras are remote controlled with the Vaddio production view HD. This production switcher allows for professional image switching with graphics and overlays while being easy to use. The camera presets can be set into the switcher allowing for easier repeatability of quality camera shots.

We included a desktop 22” touchscreen for switching of camera sources as well as to preview camera shots and preview the image before sending it to the streaming view/capture view. We also included a tripod-mounted HD-SDI Sony high definition camera as requested, and we put SDI wall plates on three walls for flexibility. The audio/video feed was converted to support USB 3.0 and thunderbolt (with the included converter) so it can be utilized with streaming software and sent to a third-party multicast streaming service (CDN).

Audio/Video Mixer & Amplifier

We designed a completely new audio system headend that incorporates the latest in digital signal and audio mixing technology. We decided to use a 16-channel Yamaha digital console. We also installed a monitor speaker to help mix from the church’s cry room location.

Digital Signal Processing

For the audio system, we removed the existing Crown mixer and replaced it with two mixers. We provided a Mackie 12 channel mixing console located on the desktop for manual mixing needs. When no operator is available, we included a Rane automatic mixer to automatically mix the wireless microphones. The selection between auto/manual takes place using the Crestron touch panel which controls the new digital signal audio processor for proper audio routing and equalization. The existing amplifier was also replaced, and we installed a new Gooseneck mic on the podium.

Audio/Video Switching System

For the audio/video switching needs, we designed a system based on the new Crestron Digital Media 3 series system. We have an audio/video switcher and control system mounted in the rack near the mixing location. This switcher routes all of the audio/video sources properly and sends the video fully scaled for correct viewing on the projector. The system gives an HDMI and VGA at the Credenza that is converted to twisted pair Crestron DM cable directly in the switcher, which ensures quality with no signal loss. We send the final video feed over the same DM cable to the latest 4k HD scaler/receiver/controller at the projector. We included a new fixed frame projection screen integrated onto the front wall for optimum image quality. We swapped out the current projector for a new Barco projector and set up a new projector mount with proper rigging.

Video Monitoring Interface

For the user interface to the system, we installed a button panel at the Credenza for basic system functions (on/off, source selection); at the operator’s desk, we have a dedicated 10” touch panel for more extensive system control.

We included a new, lockable, wooden roll-top desk to house all of the new and existing audio-visual equipment that is properly cooled and power conditioned. This removes the large rack from the system and reduces the footprint of the systems with a cleaner overall professional appearance.

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