Audio Visual System Installation Company

A Trusted AV Equipment Supplier & Installer of  Audio Visual Systems

At Thompson Electronics Company in Peoria, our industry certified audio visual team specializes in creating AV solutions for complex situations. From easily-accessible control panels for complex acoustic signs to sound modeling software created in-house, we’re your source for the highest-quality audio visual installation services available. Local, national, and international clients depend on Thompson Electronics for the ultimate in user-friendly AV and video conference systems combined with remote troubleshooting and support.

Audio Visual Control Systems Company in Peoria, IL

AV Control Systems

With audio visual control systems, every project is unique, and having the right team for the job can make all the difference. AV control systems allow you to integrate multiple systems together, such as video cameras, sound levels, etc., ó all of which can then be controlled through a tablet or universal remote. AV control systems facilitate easier usability and automation, providing greater convenience, quality, comfort, cost savings, and productivity.

AV Digital Signage Company for Indoor & Outdoor Signs

Digital Signage

Improve the visibility, findability, and navigation of your business or organization with digital signage and custom display screen solutions. Whether for restaurants or retail stores, customers can garner attention, facilitate interaction, and extend marketing and branding initiatives with digital signage systems. With our advanced audio and visual capabilities, we can help you inform, entertain, educate, and communicate with your target audience more effectively.

Audio Visual Sound Systems Installation Company in Peoria, IL

Sound Systems

As a professional audio visual company, we provide sound system installation capabilities for all types of venues, including churches, concert halls, sports stadiums, school buildings, and more. From acoustical and surround sound for a large theatre or stadium setting to sound reinforcement for a classroom, we provide high-quality commercial sound systems for many different projects. Let us design and install the perfect sound system for your precise needs.

AV Sound Masking Systems for Office Privacy

Sound Masking Systems

Sound masking technology is commonly used to reduce office noise, such as background conversations and traffic. It can also be used to help maintain privacy in office environments where discretion is desired. Wherever you need to mask or cover up sound to provide greater privacy and discretion, sound masking provides an ideal solution for all types of indoor environments. Let our professional audio visual company help integrate a system to accommodate your needs.

Audio Recording & Video Streaming Equipment Company in Peoria, IL

Recording & Streaming

Whether for commercial, educational, governmental, or spiritual, high-quality audio recording systems are an important component to ensuring your message reaches your audience in a clear, professional manner. With our experienced audio visual capabilities, we make it simple to capture, manage, archive, share, and live stream audio/video content. We can also backup your content through a cloud service, making it accessible wherever you’re located.

AV Theatre Systems for Auditoriums & Movie Theatres

Auditorium & Theatre Systems

Our theatre system installation team can help you design and build a new theatre sound system from the ground up or upgrade an existing system if youíre remodeling or expanding. Our audio visual company has designed and installed theatre systems for a variety of project needs and applications, including Performing Arts Centers, College Theaters, High School Auditoriums, and integrated systems that include PA and sound amplification systems.

AV Video Conferencing System Installation

Video Conferencing Systems

Enhance quality communication with a modern, expertly designed audio conferencing system. Our audio and video systems enable users to communicate in an easy-to-use, high-fidelity manner. Professional-grade conferencing equipment can be designed for accommodations ranging from small huddle rooms with two to four participants to large meeting rooms. Level-up from speakerphone technology and upgrade to a professional conferencing solution designed by our team.

AV Repair & Maintenance Services in Peoria, IL

Repair & Maintenance

In addition to designing and installing custom audio visual systems, we also provide professional repair and maintenance services for the AV solutions we offer. Conducted by our team of certified technicians, our AV system repair and maintenance capabilities target a wide range of systems, like video conferencing systems, digital signage, indoor and outdoor Sound Systems, noise reduction and sound masking systems, recording and streaming, and theatre systems.

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