Disaster & Emergency Communication Systems

Life Safety & Emergency Communication System Installation

Along with design, inspections, testing, and maintenance from certified technicians and engineers, we excel at integrating complex and customized emergency communication systems within your building. We provide everything from a small conventional zoned alarm panel, to large campus networked alarm systems for fire, carbon monoxide, sprinkler monitoring, smoke and heat detection as well as voice evacuation, and mass notification. We also offer central station monitoring, high-sensitivity aspiration systems, and specialty hazard detection systems. At Thompson Electronics Company in Peoria and Naperville, Illinois, our emergency communication systems integrate with and control elevators, sprinklers, fire suppression, pre-action, deluge and clean agent systems.

Area of Refuge Two-Way Emergency Communication Systems

Area of Refuge

As an important aspect of a building’s fire and life safety system, an area of refuge is specifically designed to help save lives in the case of an emergency. Not only can an area of refuge help protect people who are not able to safely escape on their own (such as those with disabilities and limited mobility), but such system is intended to provide rapid emergency communication to alert first responders and help individuals in distress.

Emergency Communication Fall Detection System Installation

Fall Detection Systems

Fall detection systems can range from simple bed alarms to fully integrated fall detection sensors. As an important aspect of emergency communication for hospitals and healthcare facilities, most fall detection technologies can be further integrated with nurse call stations, emergency call systems, or directly to phone systems. Keep residents and elderly patients safe with fall detection and emergency notification systems.

Business Emergency Communications Technology Providers

Mass Notification Systems

For large facilities, institutions, and organizations, an emergency mass notification system is vital to communicate with everyone in potential danger. Mass notification can be conducted in many forms, ranging from speaker systems, visuals display message boards, strobe lights, text messaging, email, and phone alerts. Let us help you determine the proper mass notification and emergency communication system to meet the needs of your facility.

Enterprise VoIP Solutions for Nurse Call Stations

Nurse Call Systems

What was once comprised of call bells, lights, and tone call systems are now sophisticated tools for communication in healthcare facilities. Today’s nurse call systems enable the right individual to receive the right message at the right time, whether the situation involves patient communication, fall detection, emergency calls, medical alarmed devices, door alarms, or resident alarms. Learn more about nurse call systems as part of your emergency communication strategy.

Emergency Alarm Monitoring System Installation

Alarm Monitoring Systems

Monitoring systems can be custom integrated to address targeted needs, such as real-time resident tracking within the protected environment. These systems can also create custom reports based on targeted data points and metrics that provide clinical managers with data to support performance improvement initiatives, track response times to patient requests and measures deviations from standards, and support clinical decision-making with evidence-based metrics.

Emergency Communication Systems for Fire Exit & Elderly Door Monitoring

Door Monitoring Systems

Door monitoring and alarm systems address one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of a building’s emergency communication strategy. Door monitoring systems enable greater control and oversight, allowing you to track and monitor entry to a given facility or premises. Door monitoring and alarm systems also serve important functions for patient safety in the healthcare sector, including nursing care facilities, medical centers, and senior assisted living centers.

Featured Emergency Communication System Projects

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