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Every project Thompson Electronics Company designs and installs is custom to the client’s needs. We have access to a wide variety of manufacturers and products to develop and implement specialized and personalized systems.

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Custom Solutions for Every Need

Nurse Call

Our custom nurse call solutions can improve daily workflow and patient outcomes. These factors include:

• Decreased alarm fatigue

• Increase in call light response time

• Improved customer satisfaction

• May improve overall star rating

Fire Alarm

Our custom fire alarm solutions can benefit your business and create peace of mind. We do this with:

• Advanced technology products to detect microscopic smoke particles and carbon monoxide

• Products that detect heat, learn their environment, and compensate for environmental changes


Our custom security systems will keep your people, assets, and facilities safe. We do this through:

• Unmatched visual quality of commercial surveillance systems

• Reliable access control systems and intrusion detection to decrease threats from entering

• Cloud-based systems to review footage on the go


Our custom audiovisual systems provide professional, easy-to-use solutions for your business. We can increase productivity by creating:

• Easy-to-use conference room and Zoom technology

• Efficient live streaming and recording systems

• Clear and intelligible indoor or outdoor sound systems

• Bright and bold digital signage and video walls

Clock and camera surveillance system at Pekin High School


Our custom mass communication solutions provide reliable access to critical information and alerts to all. Custom solutions include:

• Understandable intercoms and dependable paging

• Synchronized clock systems

• VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)


Our custom service packages will meet your business needs. We can provide service to fit your:

• Budget

• Schedule

• Frequency



What You Get With Our Custom Solutions

Top-rated Products

Full Customization

24/7 Emergency Support

Project Manager

Updates & Service

Highly Trained Techs

Robust Training

Design Engineers

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