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Optimized Solutions for Commercial VoIP Systems

Installing a VoIP business phone system takes communication with both team members and customers to the next level. Unlike traditional business phone systems that confine the conversation to one’s office or desk, VoIP business phones are hosted in the cloud and use the internet to stay connected. Not only does this reduce the need to purchase a ton of complex hardware, but users can communicate via laptop, desktop, or smartphone with a VoIP phone system.

Not only do VoIP phone systems perform better than traditional business phone systems, but they can also be far more affordable. VoIP phone solutions enable you to place and receive calls over the internet. In addition to making overall communications seamless, a business VoIP phone services allow employees to:

  • Host conference calls with multiple people at a time
  • Access their phone line and all applicable extensions from any location
  • Receive voicemails via email when calls are missed
  • Transfer and forward calls to co-workers
  • Record and save calls and conference call meetings

The seamless communication that a VoIP business phone system delivers can also exceed customer’s expectations, and in turn, opens the door to more business opportunities.

VoIP Phone Service for Small Business

High-performance business phone systems are not just for large enterprises. At Thompson Electronics Company in Peoria, we provide VoIP phone services for small businesses and remote teams with only a few employees. Not only does this technology support internal communication within the business, but VoIP phone systems enable your customers to connect with you anytime they need to, even when you’re away from the office. As an agile small business phone system for the digital age, team members can access voicemails, faxes, and other communications from any device.

Enterprise Business Phone System Installation

Our Peoria-based team at Thompson Electronics Company can provide timely installation and configuration of your VoIP phone system with minimal time spent on-site and easy-to-follow instruction. The beauty behind a VoIP business phone system is that it enables the ability to scale up or down without having to install any complex hardware. With a simple dashboard interface to manage your VoIP system, users can be added, removed, or edited on command. And compared to traditional phone systems, many small business customers realize lower costs, as making and receiving calls over the internet has been shown to be far more cost-efficient than outdated alternatives.

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