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Central Station Fire & Security Alarm Monitoring Services

Peoria’s Thompson Electronics Company is a leader amongst central station monitoring companies. We can provide UL Listed central station monitoring services for a variety of systems such as fire alarm systems, intrusion systems, elevators, emergency call stations, and video surveillance. These real-time central monitoring systems can help deter unwanted guests from your business, keeping you and your assets safe. Video can also be viewed in real-time and monitors can quickly determine if a threat is imminent or possibly a false alarm.

These 24-hour, 7 days a week central station monitoring services give you peace of mind that should an emergency situation arise at your business, the proper authorities will be notified in a timely manner.

We also offer commercial security monitoring for wireless systems using cellular dialers, which are convenient when a hard-wired system is not practical. With big telecommunications providers abandoning old telephone lines, cellular service is preferred.

Reliable Central Station Alarm Monitoring Systems

While there is always a chance a person will be affected by crime, fire, or other unforeseen events, a central station monitored security alarm system can significantly minimize the impact of the incident. Technological advancements facilitate instant notification of alarm system events, including the notification of power failures, system access outside of normal hours, abnormal temperatures, medical alerts, or almost any other “actionable” event the owner would want to be aware of immediately.

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