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Visual information that captures the flow of your business operations is the most valuable measure you can take to secure your facility. Whether you need a “covert” video surveillance solution to monitor activity without disturbing normal behavior in your business setting or an “overt” commercial surveillance system that provides a physical deterrent while monitoring activity in a defined area, Thompson Electronics Company of Peoria will install the best CCTV or commercial surveillance camera system design available. Our video surveillance services include the following:

  • High Definition: Virtually everyone knows the performance excellence available today with HD video. We can provide a commercial video surveillance system design with 1080p, 4K, 8K, and beyond resolution quality to fit your needs and your budget. We will determine the best products and positions for megapixel cameras to provide visual identification evidence of any target from people to license plates.

  • IP Networks: Our engineers can design new data networks or assist your IT staff to optimize your existing network to create a state-of-the-art IP video surveillance solution. From the selection of the best managed PoE switches, network servers, and data storage configurations to the VMS (Video Management System) that best suits your application we can make sure your IP commercial video surveillance system has the most superior performance available.
  • Analog Video: If you are looking for a conventional cost-effective video surveillance system or want to expand your existing system, we can provide the highest resolution available even with analog technology. We can also develop a hybrid commercial video surveillance system design that will allow you to use your existing analog cameras and transition to the higher resolution and performance of IP-based video.
  • Visitor Entry: For the safe and secure identification of visitors before they enter your facility, our visitor entry systems combine audio/video communication and access control to allow your staff to clearly identify your visitors prior to allowing them access.
  • Wireless: In challenging environments that do not allow for conventional transmission of video signals, we can design and install secured wireless commercial video surveillance systems that deliver HD videos and 2-way audio communication.

Commercial Surveillance System Maintenance & Service

Nothing beats the peace of mind that comes along with a CCTV or commercial video surveillance system. Whether you have concerns or need enhancements to your current system, don’t hesitate to reach out to the consultative and hands-on installation professionals at Thompson Electronics Company.

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