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Door Monitoring Systems: Door Alarm Systems for Dementia & Elderly

Monitor Entry Way Traffic Flow with Door Alarm Systems

Door monitoring and alarm systems address one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of a building’s security and surveillance strategy. That is, monitoring and controlling the flow of traffic through a facility’s doors and entry points.

While fire safety codes require a certain number of doors and exits, along with how they must be secured, many facilities lack the capabilities to effectively monitor all of these entry points in a safe and secure manner. In some cases, access control systems can be installed; however, the rollout of such systems is often cost-prohibitive or not flexible enough for the facility’s needs.

Door monitoring and door stop alarm systems are not limited to exit and entryways, as they can also provide a much-needed solution to manage the flow of traffic to and from individual rooms and restricted areas of a facility.

Door Monitoring Systems in Healthcare Facilities

Door monitoring and alarm systems serve a vital purpose in the healthcare sector, including nursing care facilities, medical centers, and senior assisted living centers. Because such facilities require patient monitoring and wander management systems that extend beyond the oversight of staff members, door monitoring and alarm systems enable staff to keep track of individuals who are prone to wandering, such as those with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Door alarms can be integrated to monitor motion through doorways. Once motion is detected by a sensor, the door alarm will immediately notify healthcare providers or caregivers that a patient is wandering out of a room or in unauthorized areas.

For more granular levels of monitoring and detection, healthcare facilities can leverage bed alarm systems for patient care. As a supplement to fall detection and nurse call systems, a bed alarm is a personal device that enables care providers to monitor the activity of a patient in bed.

Generally, this type of alarm system connects to a bed sensor and functions by detecting a lack of pressure or weight on the bed pad. The system alerts the alarm unit when pressure is removed from the sensor, providing an accessible and effective fall detection system.

Door Alarms System Installation & Monitoring

Door alarm systems give you greater control and oversight, allowing you to track and monitor entry to your building or business. Thompson Electronics Company provides sales, installation, service, and monitoring for all types of commercial door alarms and security systems.

Choosing the right combination of access control, communication, surveillance, and intrusion detection system can be challenging. Thompson Electronics Company of Peoria takes the guesswork out of the equation by offering a high level of specialization and experience designing and integrating systems that work seamlessly together to meet your security and monitoring demands. Our experts can take your unique business needs into consideration and develop a security and surveillance plan that addresses every requirement.

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