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IP Intercom Systems for Two-Way Communication

IP intercom systems, which are synonymous with wireless intercom systems, provide two-way communication between different locations. In addition to transmitting voice and audio, video intercom systems can be installed to further improve the safety, security, and surveillance monitoring of a given facility or premise.

Commercial intercom systems have significantly evolved over the years. IP intercoms connect to an IP network and interface with IP-based cameras and door access control systems. Most IP intercom systems are Powered over Ethernet (PoE) and are controlled via a simple intercom software platform or video management platform. This enables end-users to effectively manage door access control as well as video recordings of any activity.

At Thompson Electronics Company, not only are we a trusted intercom system installer in Peoria, but we can help you determine your system’s unique requirements and network design demands. From simple VoIP intercom systems to advanced wireless intercom systems integrated IP surveillance cameras and access control capabilities, we deliver a full spectrum of security and communication technology.

Commercial Wireless Intercom Systems

The commercial demands of wireless intercom systems cover a wide range of needs and applications. For large facilities, such as hospitals, airports, universities, and industrial complexes, seamless two-way communication is essential for day-to-day operations. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Many commercial installations use IP intercom systems for security and access control purposes. For instance, a video intercom system with door release provides an efficient way to manage selective entry of authorized personnel, all from a central command station. IP door intercoms include a call button and door release relay that effectively controls an electronic lock.

Similarly, wireless intercom systems are often used at locked security doors and gates. Such systems, which can also be useful for residential installations, provide a very flexible and scalable solution that delivers superior performance. They are also easy to install and can be integrated with your existing network infrastructure.

IP Video Intercom Systems for Remote Access Control

Advancements in IP intercom systems have enabled users to leverage video access from remote devices well beyond a central command station. Today’s wireless intercom systems can communicate with various mobile devices, smartphones, and even VoIP phone systems. These advancements make it convenient to manage door access control and open entryways from virtually anywhere.

IP intercom systems can use both local intercom servers and remote cloud servers to bridge the gap between the intercom and mobile devices. Smart IP intercom systems make it easier to control access to your home, apartment, business, school, or any other organization. Simply put, they enable you to use your smartphone to see, communicate, and enable access to anyone who is at a building’s entryway.

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