Technology Consulting & Electronics System Design Services

With TEC technology consultants, customers can seamlessly integrate and maintain new systems with the support of licensed specialists. Just as unique as any building’s project requirements, we provide adaptable, flexible, and comprehensive services to meet the growing needs of today’s demands. In addition to helping organizations implement and effectively use new systems and platforms, we also monitor, manage, and maintain virtually all of the technology we install.

Central Station Monitoring Technology Consultants

Central Station Monitoring

We provide UL-Listed, 24-hour 7-days a week central station monitoring services for a variety of systems, including smoke and fire alarms, intrusion prevention systems, elevators, emergency call stations, and surveillance systems.

Custom Business Electronics Consulting Services

Custom Solutions

No matter what type of custom design solution you’re looking for, we offer custom technology services tailored to meet your needs. We work with a wide variety of manufacturers and facilities to implement specialized systems.

Engineering and Design Technology Consultants

Engineering & Design

With in-house technology consultants on staff, we’re qualified to design the entire line of security and surveillance products we furnish. We can prepare drawings and documentation required to obtain building permits for installation.

Repair and Maintenance Technology Consultants

Repair & Maintenance

Our team supports the maintenance of many different systems and technologies, including alarm systems for fire, carbon monoxide, sprinkler monitoring, smoke and heat detection as well as various security, surveillance, and AV systems.

Systems Inspection and Testing Technology Consultants

System Inspections & Testing

We staff licensed professionals who provide complete and thorough system testing and inspections in accordance with NFPA standards, including professional fire alarm testing and suppression system inspections for many manufacturer types.

Training and Implementations Technology Consultants

Training & Implementations

It doesn’t matter how intuitive and simple a new system may seem, hands-on training and implementation consulting are important to ensure your organization is leveraging a new system to its fullest potential, especially for safety and security.