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IP-Based Wireless Paging Systems Installation Company

Wireless Overhead & Office Paging Systems

Today’s wireless paging system is not the same office paging system you may be used to. With network-based wireless paging systems, you can leverage the increased speed, flexibility, and features that streamline communication across many different uses and applications.

With IP-Based paging systems, customers can enjoy faster and easier installation compared to conventional analog systems. Because paging systems of the past often required hardwired setups and separate voice and data networks, IP paging solutions revolutionize many aspects of how we communicate.

Indoor & Outdoor Overhead Paging Systems

Powered over Ethernet, wireless paging systems can serve many functions in a variety of indoor or outdoor environments. Overhead page systems can be integrated with IP Public Address systems to be used as mass notification devices to relay important messages or signal an emergency. A VoIP paging gateway also provides an easy solution to implement IP-based, one-way or two-way paging for VoIP phone systems.

Any organization or institution, ranging from schools, medical facilities, sports arenas, automobile dealerships, or industrial manufacturers, can benefit from the advanced features and functions now available from wireless paging systems. Whether the intention is to communicate quickly and effectively alert a big group, or just a small team, overhead paging systems deliver a clear and powerful way to get your message across.

The Simplicity of IP-Based Paging Systems

At Thompson Electronics Company in Peoria, we specialize in Valcom paging systems for all types of commercial, educational, and industrial applications. IP paging extends well beyond delivering audio and voice to groups of people. An IP-based paging system can be integrated with IP digital signage boards, IP Clocks, and IP Speakers – enabling you to unify your message across many different touchpoints.

In most cases, paging system installation is much easier than what our customers anticipate. Our wireless paging solutions can connect to existing networks and cross routers as the standard network for transmission, intercom, and monitoring. By using the standard network and the POE technology, we can simplify the installation, monitoring, and maintenance of the paging system, thereby providing a professional solution to address a wide range of applications.

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