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Elderly Fall Detection Can Help High-Risk Patients

We use many medical alert systems as active means of both patient and elderly fall detection from beds and chairs. These fall detection systems can range from simple chair and bed alarms, to fully integrated fall detection sensors such as Hill-Rom, Stryker, and other manufacturer systems with built-in technology such as accelerometers. Most fall detection technologies can be further integrated with nurse calls, emergency calls, or directly to phone systems to provide the right level of protection for patients and residents.

Moving From Fall Detection to Prevention

Today inertial sensors are being developed and tested to create alarms before a fall. This technology is already being used to create prospective fall-risk prediction models for older adults based on wearable sensors. In other words, slight stumbles will alert healthcare workers so they can quickly respond to patients before they stumble again and possibly fall. At Thompson Electronics Company in Peoria, we stay up-to-date on the latest trends in fall detection systems for seniors citizens and elderly patients. Contact us to learn more.

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