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Indoor & Outdoor PA Sound Systems

Public address systems, or PA systems, are vital tools for facility-wide communication, from school PA systems and athletic sound systems to corporate communication sound institutional announcements, indoor and outdoor public address systems can significantly enhance operations within and around your building.

Modern PA systems have evolved over the years, allowing installations to work with multiple inputs and sources. Today’s PA systems deliver high-quality sound throughout the entirety of the systems coverage area, all while minimizing sound spill, which is the noise that permeates beyond an intended coverage area and into neighboring rooms or areas.

Whatever the application calls for, public address systems need to work efficiently and effectively when needed. At Thompson Electronics Company in Peoria, we offer PA system installation, consultation, and maintenance as part of our innovative AV solutions.

PA Sound Systems for Schools & Educational Facilities

School PA systems are used for operational and emergency communications within an educational institution. When professionally designed and installed by our Peoria team, public address systems have the capability of covering the complete school grounds, including all classrooms, office rooms, parking lots, outdoor sports facilities, and playing fields.

As a level-up from the school PA systems from decades ago, the modern PA system enables live broadcasts, the playing of pre-recorded music, and scheduling of events, such as a class change. Because modern speaker systems are network-based, live broadcasts can be performed from a number of broadcast points or authorized desktops.

Overhead PA Systems for Churches & Places of Worship

In addition to schools and university facilities, overhead PA systems are commonly integrated into churches and places of worship. From church worship services with the spoken word to choir and music production, high-performance audio is crucial to uplifting the experience across the mass. PA systems are often used to serve as a vital communication tool for church announcements and sermons alike.

IP-Based PA Systems for Emergency Communications

Amidst natural disasters and emergency evacuation situations, you need a dependable way to communicate with those around you. Public address systems can provide a sound solution to meet the needs for timely emergency communications.

For applications like these, wireless PA systems a complete and comprehensive means of communications across any facility or expansive premise. Wireless public address systems give organizations and institutions an affordable means to install a premises-wide speaker system without any hassles of running cables.

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