Dunlap High School

Dunlap, Illinois

School Auditorium and Presentation System Installation

No technology lacking here! Dunlap High School’s $12 million expansion is very impressive, with a new school auditorium, complete with orchestra pit and balcony, along with a new wing for freshman students. Thompson Electronics Company (TEC) installed the state-of-the-art sound system and the audiovisual presentation system in the auditorium and the multimedia systems in the classrooms of the new wing.

Auditorium Sound System

When it comes to sound quality, no one seat has an advantage in the 1,000 plus seat auditorium at Dunlap High School. Two main sound speakers are positioned at the top center of the stage front, along with three delay speakers in the ceiling near the balcony. The under-balcony seating has 13 speakers built seamlessly into the ceiling.

A mixing console in the rear balcony is the control center for the entire audiovisual system. The control center also includes a full communications system for productions.

School Presentation System

For a multimedia presentation in the auditorium, a 21 ft motorized video screen descends onto the stage to display TV or a variety of computer and video sources.

Auditorium System Overview

  • State-of-the-art sound system
  • Mixing console and soundboard in the balcony
  • JBL ceiling mounted speakers
  • Crestron touch panel control
  • Shure microphones
  • Video projector with 21 ft. motorized screen
  • “Freshman Academy”

Another major aspect of the project was the new freshman wing of the high school. Audiovisual presentation and data systems were provided for each of the 11 new smart classrooms. TEC also provided security, intercom, and cable TV systems for the new wing. A new StarCall intercom system was installed throughout the entire school.

Freshman Wing System Overview

  • Smart Classrooms with complete audiovisual presentation and data systems.
  • Security system with video surveillance
  • Cable TV system

A Crestron touchpanel screen activates the system from the control center located in the back balcony of the auditorium. The technical engineer easily coordinates input devices and mixing console.