Gil's Supper Club and Warehouse Bar & Grill

Hanna City, Illinois

Gil’s Supper Club and the Warehouse Bar and Grill is located in charming Hanna City, Illinois, just 20 minutes from Peoria. The scope of this project was to replace the existing video surveillance system. The system was outdated with poor coverage, so we planned to provide additional cameras to monitor blind spots.

The project materials and labor included a variety of updates. For starters, we replaced the 13 existing cameras with new HD cameras, plus 3 additional cameras for expanded surveillance. We also replaced existing coax cables with new Siamese coax and power cables. The areas covered included the Supper Club bar, above the outdoor back dumpster, and the DVR room to get full coverage of the safe. A new 16-channel Hybrid Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with an 8 TB (terabyte) hard drive (with wall shelf) and camera power supply was installed. We also installed a new data switch to connect the DVR to the router for the internet and an HDMI cable to connect the DVR to an existing monitor. Apps were installed on the owner’s cell phones to view live and recorded video access.

For the conclusion of the installation process, we completed system programming, testing, and final commissioning, plus provided thorough training with the business’s owner. The systems installed receive one-year warranty support for all material and labor provided.