Pekin Community High School

Sound system in PCHS football stadium

The brand-new sound system in Pekin Community High School‘s football and track stadium is outstanding.
Carl Howell, TEC’s AV Sales Engineer stated, “This will be the gold standard for audio systems at high school football fields going forward. Loud, clean, intelligible and punchy. Tim Bonnette and Pekin High’s Athletic Director were so happy! Our AV team did great work. This audio system goes along with their new press box they just had built. The new system features all Danley Sound Labs OS series speakers and subwoofers with Ashley processing, Shure mics, and QSC amplification.”

Customer testimonial

Tim Bonnette, CPMM Director of Buildings and Grounds stated, “Thompson Electronics’ team did an amazing job from design through install. Very clear sound from the announcer mics across the entire stadium as well as excellent sound for music played on the system. The range of sound coming from these speakers are outstanding.”

Large monitor install at Pekin Community High School
Stadium audio and sound system at Pekin Community High School
Synchronized digital clock system and security cameras at Pekin Community High School

Our professional team at Thompson Electronics Company designed multiple systems for Pekin Community High School. These included the stadium sound, access control, video surveillance, and fire alarm systems.

Access Control

In 2017, we began our relationship with Pekin Community High School #303 by taking over their Keri Systems Access Control System. The existing Keri Systems access control software was antiquated and lacked the feature set needed by a large modern high school. We designed and replaced their access control system with a state of the art AMAG Technology Symmetry Access Control System which currently has over 30 controlled and monitored openings. The system is also specially programmed for “global lockdown” capability in the event of an active situation. We also added a visitor entry system which generates temporary badging to monitor the entry, circulation and departure of parents, public, vendors and contractors who visit the facility.


Video Surveillance System

In 2019, we were contracted by PCHS to replace their existing ExacqVision CCTV system and Arecont cameras. Our design solution was a robust Avigilon Video Surveillance System with 12 megapixel (MP) 360 degree panoramic cameras for large gathering spaces, stairwells and challenging coverage areas. We also included 15 MP 270 degree multi-sensor cameras at the exterior corners of each building for maximum video surveillance coverage. The Avigilon Video Surveillance System currently has 100+ cameras deployed in the exterior and exterior of the building.


Fire Alarm System

The existing system consisted of a zoned simplex and an addressable Edwards EST2 system. Thompson Electronics designed an Edwards EST3 fire alarm system to replace both existing systems to become fully code compliant. We performed the install, programmed and certified the new system and have serviced and maintained the system through multiple building remodels since initial install.

Synchronized digital clock system at Pekin Community High School
Projector and screen video system at Pekin Community High School
Digital video projector at Pekin Community High School
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