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Biometric Facial Recognition Security Systems

Computers have been able to extract information from images at superhuman accuracy. Thompson Electronics Company can leverage this accuracy when designing a commercial security system. Face recognition access control systems use the entire RGB (red, green, blue color model) photo of a person, and runs it through a deep learning (AI) algorithm that processes the image through millions of floating-point computations to generate a unique signature of a face. This unique signature is used to compare a user’s photo in the future and to check against existing signatures. In the COVID era, touchless door entry systems are more important than ever.

By using face recognition access control systems, organizations can now implement frictionless, touchless access to buildings, at events, in schools and at many other venues. Biometric facial recognition systems provide higher security and frictionless access to end users. Thompson Electronics Company of Peoria offers multiple facial recognition access control systems which will also determine if users have an elevated body temperature or not wearing a mask.

Voice Recognition Technology Systems

Nowadays, businesses are using all kinds of security systems to make sure their property is secure by using passwords and User ID/PIN protection. Unfortunately, all of these systems are not totally secure because PIN codes can be hacked and ID credentials can be stolen and duplicated. Voice is the most natural way for humans to communicate. Voice recognition technology for authentication is convenient and accurate. Voice Speech recognition systems are a safe security alternative for many organizations and their people. For more information on our biometric security options, contact us today.

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