Biometric Fingerprint Access Control Systems

Biometrics Fingerprint Scanning Security Solutions

Accurate Identification and Accountability with Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Systems

Biometric fingerprint access control systems offer a superior level of security that passwords and keycards simply cannot surpass. Fingerprint access control systems identify individuals, not keycards or passwords. Once upon a time, only government institutions and businesses requiring high levels of security had access to fingerprint scanners and advanced biometric access control systems.

Now, fingerprint readers are so common that it is a basic component of smartphones. Fingerprint recognition identifies the unique patterns of the impression or marks on a person’s fingertip. No two individuals have the same fingerprints. Fingerprints cannot be stolen, lost, hacked or replicated and are an efficient credential when multiple layers of authentication are required.

Versatile Digital Fingerprint Readers & Scanners

Digital fingerprint readers as well as other biometric security readers can be integrated with many existing access control systems. These systems are also great for expanding security to more areas of your commercial facility. Consult with Thompson Electronics in Peoria and see how you can benefit from a biometric fingerprint authorization solution.

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