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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a group of technologies that allows for the transfer of communications over the internet. One of the great advantages of using VoIP is that it brings services such as business telephone systems, fax, e-mail and more into one unified system at a lower cost. Have remote answering capabilities, messages delivered in voice or text formats and nearly unlimited system expansion capabilities delivered in a system not larger than a single rack server.

We work with Ascom Wireless Systems, a leading provider of on-site wireless communications for hospitals, manufacturing industries, retail and hotels. Ascom, who has more than 75,000 systems at major companies worldwide, offers a broad range of voice and professional messaging solutions, creating value for customers by supporting and optimizing their mission-critical processes. The solutions are based on VoWiFi, IP-DECT, DECT, nurse call and paging technologies, smartly integrated into existing enterprise systems.