OSF Sacred Heart Medical Center

Danville, Illinois

Medical Center AV Conferencing System Installation

The conference room at OSF Sacred Heart Medical Center (formerly Provena United Samaritans) was specifically engineered to enhance communication in meetings and presentations. The boardroom multimedia presentation system includes:

  • Video presentation system
  • Crestron control system
  • 17” wide touch screen
  • Integrated lighting control
  • Overhead document camera
  • Video annotation

The multimedia meeting experience begins with the push of a single button on the touch panel. The lights dim to a pre-set low lumination for presentation viewing. The projector and screen descend from the ceiling and the hidden equipment rack components are powered up.

Complete Presentation AV Control System

The state-of-the-art conference and presentation system has multiple A/V inputs throughout the room, an overhead sound system, and wireless boundary microphones used for conferencing. A unique feature above the presenter’s desk is a high-resolution document camera, hidden in the ceiling. The media center is a complete presentation solution that integrates conventional A/V controls, PC and desktop conferencing, video displays, and annotation.

No PC Required

To simplify and streamline the technology in the conference room at OSF Sacred Heart Medical Center (Provena United Samaritans), the control panel has touch-panel interaction for control of A/V equipment and runs a Windows XP embedded operating system. An integrated multimedia PC eliminates the need for an additional computer to run presentations and allows direct access to the internet. Users can easily access presentations from USB jump drives (plug and play) or retrieve content from the server via the network. Multiple video windows can be displayed in full motion. All visuals are displayed on the main video projection screen or viewable on an additional 40” LCD flat panel at the rear of the room.

Applications At Your Fingertips

Windows-based applications and resources are available to present multiple document types.

  • Powerpoint
  • Internet browsers – for immediate access to a website or internet resource.
  • Viewers display Word, Excel, & Adobe Acrobat documents
  • Windows media player
  • Touch Screen Interaction

On the touch panel, annotation allows the presenter to draw or write on the screen using their fingertip or a stylus.

provena united samaritans medical center conference room