Decatur Memorial Hospital

Decatur, Illinois

Hospital Nurse Call and Communication System Installation

Decatur Memorial Hospital is committed to a continual process of quality care improvement. Many years ago, Decatur Memorial Hospital was one of the early pioneers integrating staff location systems and nurse call systems. As an ongoing part of that strategy, Decatur Memorial Hospital worked with Thompson Electronics Group (TEC) and Versus to implement a new Versus Staff locating system, fully integrating this solution with the Ascom Telligence Nurse Call and Telergy Suite of Software.

Telligence, Telergy and Versus systems operating on an interactive platform provide convenience to patients by providing the framework that delivers patient calls to hospital staff quickly and quietly. Staff benefit from the convenience of automatic call cancellation on entering the patient room, the ability to locate other staff members and the ability to use, “Rounding Stations” in the patient rooms. The Rounding Stations provide a workflow solution that assures patient needs are assessed in an orderly and timely fashion. Administratively, the hospital is able to pull usage data from the nurse call system and the locator system. This data may be used to measure staff utilization based on patient acuity levels, time of day, patient census or many other variables depending on the management study needs of the hospital administration.

This installation and integration was performed while all units remained inpatient service. Close coordination and project management allowed hospital staff to continue to provide excellent patient care while our installers (sensitive to the hospital’s needs) completed the installation. Daily project meetings with key hospital staffers and weekly conference calls with all stakeholders assured open communication and utilization of resources assuring that the hospital’s care mission proceeded without interruption.

The Ascom Telligence Nurse Call replaced the existing Dukane ProCare 6000. All of the existing ProCare Connect Software was upgraded to the Telergy Software package presently serving the Telligence Nurse Call System. The ProCare 6000 and Telligence nurse call systems both operate on the Telergy Software System.

As the hospital moves forward, additional units will be converted to the Telligence Nurse Call System and the Versus System assuring a continued legacy of quality care initiatives utilizing technology as a tool for care management.

  • Ascom Telligence Nurse Call System
  • Full integration with the Versus Locator System
  • Complete integration with the hospital’s existing Telergy and IP Reports software system
  • Easy, assured communications