CORE Construction

Peoria, Illinois

Commercial Training Room AV System Installation

Thompson Electronics Company worked with CORE Construction (in their former Morton, IL office) to provide an upgraded training room AV system. CORE Construction was looking for easy-to-use, high-performance audiovisual system upgrades for their training room that allowed for modern connectivity as well as streamlined audio and video control.

We designed a system overhaul to bring the existing systems up to current technology based on requests. We incorporated digital AV inputs (HDMI) using all noise-free shielded Crestron DM twisted pair cabling with the latest in Crestron Digital Media (DM) processing technology to deliver the best possible audiovisual signal possible. We upgraded the entire infrastructure and control systems while maintaining core system functionality. We installed a cable cubby in one of the portable tables with two new AV input sources (HDMI and VGA), for plugging in a Laptop/source for presentation purposes, USB, LAN, and power.

Under the table is a digital media transmitter that will convert the sources into DM for transmitting over twisted pair shielded DM cabling back to the rack. We created a custom umbilical cable that will connect to the floor box via a custom plate. We provided a DM cable for the Crestron, an Ethernet cable for the Lifesize Phone, a connector for power, and LAN.

We also have inputs for the rack pc (HDMI and VGA), Lifesize (HDMI), Apple TV (HDMI), 2-puck Barco Clickshare (HDMI), and Cable TV receiver. All inputs are run into a Crestron Digital Media AV presentation switcher equipped with all of the currently needed inputs and outputs to support the system as designed. The switcher is responsible for handling all of the input and output routing of the system as well as the AV processing and HDMI licensing handshakes.

This system is fully HDMI license compliant, so when an HDMI source is plugged in, the Audio and Video will always work, unlike other HDMI solutions. At each display, we have a 4k capable Digital Media Scaler receiver to make sure all inputs will be output at the correct resolution through the displays. We also included a Barco Clickshare for wireless sharing.

For control, the system utilizes a new Crestron 7” wall mount touchpanel that provides easy control of the system. This control panel controls the inputs displayed on the 80” displays, full system power on/off, volume up, and down, AV routing, etc. As a bonus, the system is also capable of being controlled with an app on an iPad, iPhone, and most Android devices.

For audio reinforcement, we installed four new high-quality ceiling speakers to increase the quality and level of audio available for the room. The audio signal processing and amplification are handled by the Crestron AV switcher as well. This unit handles all of the audio processing needed as well as all audio adjustments.

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