Choose Edwards for your fire alarm system

A new or upgraded Edwards fire alarm system provides the best long-term protection and cost efficiency

Choose Edwards for mass notification

Clear messages start with the right technology

Choose Edwards for your fire alarm system

A new or upgraded Edwards fire alarm system provides the best long-term protection and cost efficiency

Choose Edwards for mass notification

Clear messages start with the right technology

Why choose Edwards?

When it comes to protecting your buildings, you need a system that is guaranteed to perform. No matter the industry or size of your facility, installing Edwards means that you can trust your system will stay on top of threats and off your mind.

Edwards Detectors

Edwards has industry-leading specialized smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors

Edwards SIGA-OSHCD detector for commercial and business facilities

  • Multi-criteria optical smoke sensing technology
  • Integrates advanced smoke with rate-of-rise heat sensing and life safety carbon monoxide detection
  • Integrated nuisance rejection which reduces unwanted alarms from general cooking particulates
  • 10 year lifespan for CO sensing
  • Listed to UL 268 7th edition
  • Automatic day/night sensitivity adjustment

Contact us below for more detector specifications and information.

Other Models

Choose from a variety of models to fit your specific needs

Edwards SIGA-OSD

Intelligent Smoke Detector


Intelligent Multisensor Smoke and Heat Detector


Intelligent Multisensor Smoke and CO Detector

Edwards Cybersecurity

Edwards has a rigid cybersecurity protocol for EST4 fire alarm systems

As cybersecurity needs expand, Edwards EST4 provides solutions that can help meet the demands of a connected life safety system. Cybersecurity is essential, here are the ways Edwards keeps you protected:

  1. Email/SMS, ECPxml, web browser services are via 256 bit AES via SSL/TLS (FIPS-197)
  2. Email/SMS root certificates are from Mozilla Public License
  3. Central Station connections (IP dialer): 128 bit AES Tyco Protocol, encryption/authentication key provided by central station on an account by account basis
  4. Email/SMS and IP to a CMS are outgoing communication services only initiated by the EST4
  5. Browser and ECPxml communications are incoming communications using a passphrase for authentication within a TLSsession. ECP is hashed by port and requires a passphrase of up to 40 Unicode characters and a Hashed salted license key. The web browser session is authenticated by the rewall system, requiring a passphrase of up to 40 Unicode characters
  6. Web browser provides access only to system reporting functions, no update methods are provided
  7. 4-FWAL incoming service requests can be turned off at startup, by time of day or via programming, with only outgoing requests allowed. This rewall policy keeps system critical events always being able to be sent to services like central monitoring stations
  8. Session timeout is enforced
  9. Brute force access through the web browser shuts down after five unsuccessful authentication tries. These access attempts are stored to history as monitor events
  10. While the EST4 rewall works in tandem with the site IT infrastructure, the site should always include its own commercial rewall to protect the building network or intranet.

Edwards Mass Notification

Clear messages start with the right technology

Get better voice intelligibility with fewer speakers using HyperSpike® Mass Notification and Emergency Communication Speakers from Edwards. As a solution for any application, you can rest assured that when crises strike, your messages will be heard loud and clear.


No matter the size or location of the application, Edwards speakers
produce clear, authoritative communication with powerful acoustic coverage, all in lightweight, compact designs.

Sound Quality
With industry-leading sound technology, we offer solutions that exceed
the highest standards and lead the industry in voice intelligibility.

From campuses, to industrial settings, to military bases and even recreational environments like golf courses, campgrounds and amusement parks, Edwards speakers are deployed worldwide to protect what matters most.

Edwards speakers are used in a variety of incident management applications, including crowd control, public safety, weather warning systems, and more.

Available in standalone or system-integrated deployment options, Edwards speakers easily integrate to your existing system and scale to your unique application.

Edwards Family of Products

Edwards family of products provides innovative ways to meet site-specific challenges and make every project a success. Some features include:

  • iO64 and iO1000 provide fully addressable solutions for small to mid-sized projects that don’t require voice evacuation
  • LED Notification Appliances are incredibly more efficient than traditional xenon strobes
  • FireWorks software provides a desktop interface for single and multi-building networks
  • Voice evacuation speakers are UL listed for 520Hz low-frequency audible notification
  • Backwards compatibility

The Thompson difference

SAVE money

Save money using our all-in-one direct design build service. Your order is guaranteed to be accurate based on your original design intent. We are true to our quotes – there are no change orders or false bids.

From start to finish, you’re covered with:

1. Accurate designs
2. Custom specifications
3. Extensive knowledge of system requirements and city codes

Expert help

You will work with a real-life Thompson Electronics expert. Our team will visit with you on-site, to survey your project so it’s done right the very first time. Our professional fire and life safety system designers will make the process seamless, from estimate to completion.

The best in Illinois

Thompson Electronics Company is one of only two Illinois integrators with Edwards Elite Strategic Partner status for fire alarm systems.

To become an Edwards Elite Strategic Partner, Edwards has strict internal program requirements for integrators to follow and achieve. Status is evaluated every 2 years to maintain the highest quality service and care for Edwards customers.

Featured upgrade project

Pekin Community High School

Pekin Community High School’s project scope was to provide the safest environment for students to learn and thrive. The school opted for an Edwards fire alarm system, for full school protection with a state of the art system.


“Thompson Electronics’ team did an amazing job from design through install.”

– Tim B., CPMM Director of Buildings and Grounds

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Get in touch with our expert fire and life safety team to find out how a new Edwards system or upgrade can benefit your business