Technology Training & Implementation

Technology Solutions Training and Implementation Services

Newly-Implemented Technology Training for Employees

It is our responsibility to help you feel confident in the use and operation of your newly implemented technology and equipment. For many customers, the installation is not complete until we undergo a comprehensive, hands-on technology training of the solution we have provided, and all of your questions have been thoroughly answered. As part of any new technology training program for employees, we are always willing and able to work around your schedule.

As an additional service, we have created a digital library of reference material accessible online by request which we are constantly adding to and updating. You won’t need to worry about misplacing your notes with online documentation available 24 hours a day.

Workplace Technology Training & Implementation

No matter how user-friendly or intuitive a new solution is, training is still required for your organization to realize a system’s full capabilities. Thompson Electronics Company and our technology partners ensure your systems administrators and users are familiar with and comfortable utilizing both hardware and software long after our trucks are gone.